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An experienced, powerful singer with captivating stage presence, Cassandra will lift you up, knock you down, and bring you back around. Her music and voice will have you wanting to take her home- in CD form of course! With a series of singles dropping beginning in April, followed after by an album in the Fall, you better be ready for this band to bring the heat!


P R O M O   V I D E O S


- - - L I V E - - -

F U L L     B A N D







E X T E N D E D   B I O

Cassandra Elese is a vocalist from Austin, Texas with a powerful belt that shines brightest in R&B and Pop settings. Her sultry lower voice is paired with crystal clear high notes that have gotten her gigs in studio and on stage.

In the last year, Cassandra was selected to perform at events such as the first ever Women's Crush Music showcase in Austin, Red Gorilla Fest shows, unofficial SXSW gigs, Peace Wave Concert, a showcase at Rosemount Hotel, a Planned Parenthood Fundraiser at Dozen Street, and at venues like One-2-One and Mohawk. With years of performing under her belt, Cassandra has done everything from studio recording for placement libraries to singing on cruise ships. She recently wrapped up recording her own material, which is scheduled to start staggered release in April of 2018.

Cassandra was born with what she affectionately calls a ‘little hand;' a birth defect she found to be a blessing in her life, even if not everyone else was smart enough to see it as such. Sometimes, her hand was all that came between her and a singing job; she was even told flat-out that she simply wouldn't ever appeal to an audience. Despite, and sometimes because, of those people and her love for music, she worked harder on her singing. She performs and writes songs that represent the unique life experiences she has from these struggles, and her desire to prove that the only limits in life are the ones you put on yourself.

But she couldn't do it alone. She and Abraham Freshwater co-write all their songs, bringing funky fresh grooves to emotional lyrics and uplifting melodies that will make you dance, laugh, smile, and stop in your tracks. 

“[Cassandra has] an amazing voice. Seriously incredible. Definitely the best singer I have ever heard in Austin.” –Ashley Wilde

“She’s got pipes for days; [she’s] the next Whitney Houston in my honest opinion.” -Vincent Limon

“[She is] talented and beautiful and I think [she’s] going somewhere.” –Benzel B More

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